4 Ways to Wear a Blazer

A Blazer is something that is never on trend because they are ALWAYS on trend. Trends merely pay them a visit from season to season: longline, cropped, mannish, jacquard, double breasted. Just ask Yves Saint Laurent. He knows. 

Essentially like The Jean and The White Shirt the blazer is here to stay and for very good reason. They are so versatile and can instantly transform any outfit. Remember seeing Madonna voguing in a suit jacket? The iconic image of Mic marrying Bianca in a Tux and in recent years no Marant Girl worth her salt is seen without one.

We took one of our favourite blazers each and had a play with 4 different occasions to show you how well they work. Alice wore a vintage blazer which actually used to be her dad’s {he’s pretty dapper} but you can shop similar here and here. Hannah wore a high street sale score, get the look here and here.

Versatile for so many looks, in our humble opinion this is a wardrobe Must Have.

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Everyday Make Up Must Haves

Belle & Bunty London style and fashion bloggers beauty daily essentials

Let’s put it out there, we love a bit of slap n tickle. Neither of us wear a full face of make up everyday, preferring a subtle look, but we both do strive for that no make up make up look, that effortless glamour that just a little of the right product can give you. So everyday we apply our war paint to get sh!t done, after all we have a business and a blog to run, and families to look after too and make up can give you that extra kick of confidence, right?!

Life can be a little bloody crazy busy but we do find time for our daily beauty routine and thought for those busy folk out there like us, we’d share some of our hero products we use time and time again….

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New Year, New You

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! As one passes & another approaches it’s that time of the year that we like to take a moment to do a little life assessing. Just a little as you know, there’s sale shopping to be done {insert sticking out tongue emoji}

We challenged each other to pick 3 things that we could class as our New Years Resolutions and see if we can stick to them. However big or small we like the challenge of at least contemplating making some life changes because we like testing ourselves and there’s always room for personal growth.

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Looking Back at 2016

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While we are pondering what day of the week it is in Crimbo Limbo {seriously, what day is it though?!!} we’ve also been reminiscing about what a great year we’ve had. Having worked together on our own label for years, our blog is somewhat of our new baby. Rebranded at the end of last year we never could have dreamt that within a year we’d be collaborating with some of the big players on the High Street. It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve loved working with brands to create some exclusive content and also relish our audience of followers who tune into our antics, outfits of the day and don’t mind a smutty silly caption or 3 on Instagram too.

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How to Shop the Christmas Sales

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Have you been perusing the Christmas sales?!? Rude not to huh?! We’ve been searching online to find key pieces to buy with the great discounts and realised that there are subconscious ‘rules’ we stick to when looking at pieces to invest in.

Look Forward. Really there isn’t any point in buying a big Winter coat {unless it’s a classic that you are sure you will wear next year and beyond} Instead we’d opt to hunt down a flat shoe that could take you through to Summer with lots of different styling options, or a fab denim piece that you can style in loads different ways to get your money’s worth.

Invest. Now’s the time to snaffle up a great investment piece such as a leather jacket or a bag from your favourite designer that is usually just too out of reach. Keep colours neutral and they will see you through every season.

Think Classic. There’s probably a very good reason why lots of things are in the sale. Yep, you shouldn’t be buying them, full price OR with a discount. They might seem like a fun buy but we like to use the sales to add classic pieces to our wardrobes that we know have longevity and we will wear numerous times and love just like the pieces we paid full price for. Steer clear of the wacky pieces

Read on to shop our Top Sale Picks…..

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The One’s That Got Away

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The one’s that got away. Not men, we know what you were thinking #tuttut. We are talking about those pieces that slipped through your fingers and never made it out of the shop. The pieces that shoulda woulda could’ve been ours but we made the wrong decision and walked away. Granted, this all sounds pretty dramatic and shall we say, a little over the top but we bet you know the feeling. There are certain moments that for some reason the stars weren’t aligned or we were being just down right silly and didn’t buy certain items we now regret. BIG TIME

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