B&B Loves: Neutral Bags

As you may probably have spotted by now we both have a few designer bags that we like to use on rotation. Our philosophy nowadays when shopping is to be more selective and buy into something that you LOVE. It’s pretty obvious that we are both #chloegirls when it comes to our bags of choice, i mean whats not to bloody adore: all the dreamy colours, buttersoft suedes and leathers and gold hard wear. It’s always gotta be gold.

There are other designers out there nailing it on the bag front: the candy pink Mansur Gavriel bag is high on the list too, if only it was ALWAYS sold out! More and more we seem to be steering away from black and finding neutrals in the forms of blush pinks, warm burgundy and caramel tans to be the most versatile.

Mixing highstreet pieces, vintage finds and designer accessories seems to be our style, so if you are like us and like to save up your hard earned cash for a little piece of luxury in the form of a beautiful bag we’ve selected a few that give us emoji heart eyes….

Ready, steady, swoon

belle & bunty fashion bloggers london dream handbag wish list chloe bag

1/ Jerome Dreyfuss 2/ Miu Miu 3/ Chloé 4/ Maje 5/Chloé 6/Claudie Pierlot 7/ Mansur Gavriel 8/ Sandro 9/And Other Stories 10/ Chloé 11/ Chloé 12/ Chloé

Some other equally cute shoulder candy:

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Flower Fields of Dreams

Belle & Bunty Margarita Karenko fashion blogger style photoshoot flower confetti field pershore 20160714_76

We first locked eyes across a crowded insta popular page and everything slowed down, like that scene in West Side Story. We knew then that it would be a LOVEAnd just like The Jets vs The Sharks the battle commenced. Pastel housed city streets against country flower field. There was always going to be one winner. 

So a long caffeine & sugar fuelled train ride hop, skip and a jump later we found ourselves out of the m25 and waist high in flowers. Literal heaven on earth. 

We brought Dune London along for the ride, their mules, wedges and vintagesque bags all fit for the 70s style arm waving that was about to take place. Half Kate Bush, half The Pierces we had no issues taking these goodies to Wuthuring Heights for some bohemian high Summer style.

Heathcliff, it’s me, Belle & Bunty.

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Instagram Rules We Live By

belle and bunty bloggers instagram rules we live by instagram social media bloggers london bloggers fashion designers pink betty magazine i phone photography fabulous colourful instagram popular

If you are reading this then chances are that you follow us over on Instagram. That lovely little photo app that stole our hearts {and the chances of ever drinking a hot cappuccino again} and for us has been a game changer. What started as a fun way to document a little more about us as designers has turned into a business in its own right and stemmed into this here blog. It has brought us things we never dreamed it would {hello, holidays abroad} created new friendships and allowed us to work with some super lovely people & brands. And the excuse to shop, but let’s not get started on that shall we for the fear of our Husbands or Bank Manager reading this. 

Some might call it a labour of love but we really do love it. Sad but true, the joy of posting a pic you think is effin amazing pretty damn good and hearing positive feedback is a virtual pat on the back and a high five from your cyber buddies. And as much as we love Instagram it seems there are a few of you out there who also love it too. Daily we get direct messages asking us how we edit of photos or for our hints & tips which got us thinking: what are our Instagram rules we live by?

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How to Wear the Pyjama Trend

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We’ve got to admit that we are late to the {pyjama} party. We’ve been sitting back and watching this trend, on the fence for a little while, trying to get our heads around it? Ok, so we love the idea of how comfortable wearing pyjamas out would be. Image the joy after a Dishoom dinner when you remember that elasticated waistband. Oh sweet Jesus. And the oversize shirt would hide a multitude of sins. But can you really get away with a head to toe pj look outside of the bedroom?!

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Belle & Bunty Neve & Noor Dresses ss16 london streetstyle fashion designers bloggers style blog pretty pastel chelsea streets

Happiness. One of those things that’s really important in life but can easily get pushed to the side. Sometimes life gets hard. Sometimes stuff just gets you down. We asked ourselves recently what made us happy and concluded on pretty much the same things: family and a little ‘me’ time. Prosecco & shoes were obviously high on the list too but for the purpose of this post lets not mention that for now. 

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The Power of Pink

Belle & Bunty Pink Lady apples interior design power of pink london style blog

Pink is having A Moment in the fashion spotlight. From palest rose to deep magenta: pink is everywhere we look. Now, you don’t need to tell us about pink. We are not sure how it happened but our love of the rosy hue has just happened over the past few years. Always drawn to shades of vintagesque nudes and peaches, pink has joined the motley crew.

It seems that it’s not just us that has found a friend in pink. Think of all the shades of pink gracing street style stars and next season that will reign supreme with *that* Gucci pink fur coat {you know the one}. And WE get it, we totally do. And we think that you get it too… but lets discuss. Unless you are in the avid monochrome camp.

Then look away now.

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