Holiday Style with Wallis


An old Italian proverb once said “Age and glasses of wine should never be counted.” We knew we liked Italians, ALOT. Hence our holiday destination last week when we jetted off to Sicily, the island of processo and arnacini. Ricky Martin might have been Livin’ La Vida Loca but we were planning on livin la dolce vita.

Just call us Bella & Bunty

So when you know that food {and a lot of it} is on the menu, what’s a gal to wear? Luckily for us Wallis had our backs.

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Playtime in Playsuits

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There’s something nice about nailing your outfit in one go. Throwing on a one piece that finishes the job is like a fashion hole in one. An OOTD bullseye. Whether you are having a spot of beach time, poolside posing, festival~ing or city break mooching, we think a denim playsuit is the perfect playmate.

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Everyday Loungewear with Violet & Wren

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Style and comfort: every fashion girls holy grail. The biggest oxymoron on the fashion landscape. What we hear you cry? Have you finally lost the plot?!

We believe loungewear is not just for er, lounging. And when it’s as beautiful as this why not show it off for all to see and not just your {delete as appropriate} lover/child/dog

Of course on first glance you can see that this isn’t your typical black legging or grey tracky bottoms. No this is next level loungewear. Beautiful designs by British brand Violet & Wren who’s love of subtle sexiness, feminine shapes and the best of the best fabrics strikes a chord. Most definitely a grey marl no~go zone.

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Head to Toe Wimbledon Whites

belle & bunty fashion designers style blog london street style notting hill all white everything Maybe it’s ‘cos Wimbledon is just around the corner but we have a real thing for white at the moment. A little light love in. Seasoned fangirls of the stuff, you would have seen us in white before and straddling the world of fashion/bridal we are obviously used to the white stuff. But like a lot fashion folk we like the brown stuff too ~ coffee, and the 2 don’t always mix. One foul caffeine infused jitter swoop and it’s 15 – love to the latte. But you can’t hold us back and there’s something nice about living life on the edge and swanning around town and not giving 2 monkeys.

Call that Deuce, coffee.

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Guide to London’s Pink Doors & Houses

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        As you know we love ourselves a good pop of colour! Especially a pretty pink door or wall to brighten up our shoots and if you love these pink places as much as we do, now is your chance to go on a hunt throughout London for them! We’ve put together a Guide to London’s Pink Doors & Houses highlighting some of our favourite ones so you can snap away ’til your pink lovin’ heart is content. Continue Reading

What to wear to a Summer Event with L.K.Bennett Look 2

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This post should really come with a warning as what you are about to witness is a attack on the senses. In a good way we think. Our 2nd look for L.K.Bennett showcases pretty much everything that we believe about fashion: it should be fun. Fashion should make you feel great and put a spring in your step. Or a strut and make you walk down the street with Beyoncé playing in your head {cue intro of Crazy in Love}

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