Our Current Beauty Favourites

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As we vowed to include a bit more beauty here on our blog, showing you what we have actually been using daily seems like a somewhat obvious good start. As we’ve said before, we are by no means beauty experts but are always looking for those products that do what they say on the tin….. and work. Also once you are in your 30’s you have to really start thinking about your skin and that’s where we are at. So here’s a mixture of things we are lovin’ right now plus a couple of products if you are starting to consider upping your skincare routine to include those first anti-aging products then this ones for you… 

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Summer Shackets and Tea Dress Florals

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Boyishly girly. How’s that for an oxymoron. We realised of late that is how we dress: not overtly ladylike/girly and not too mannish but somewhere nicely inbetween. Take these outfits for instance as the perfect example of what we are blinkin’ banging on about. A pretty girly dress and skirt, both flouncy and floral and could easily be styled up to be quite cute and girly but for us that would be a big no~no. We’d pretty much always style this kind of piece for that laid back London cool girl look we are striving for {yes we did just say that out loud} with something with a bit of a harder masculine edge.

Fugly shoes, check. Rock tee, check. Oversize shacket check check check.

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Bridal Chic in the City

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It’s a conundrum. Hunting for a wedding dress when you never really wear dresses. You’re not the girl that’s always dreamt of a giant extravaganza of a ‘Big Day’. You don’t like big skirted, princess dresses but you do want a lovely frock. Obviously.

More paired back than piled on. ‘Cos when it comes to weddings ALOT can be piled on.

Sequins, lace, crystals, embellishment, beading, the Bridal Bling Squad can be out in full force. Let us level with you, we don’t wanna be in that crew. We’d rather hang out with Dune London and our own range of dresses, thanks.

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Spain Travel Diary ~ Spots & Stripes in Moraira

Belle & Bunty London for boden lkbennett spots and stripes Spain SS17

We’ve been saving this post for a little while since we shot it a few weeks back for our Spain Travels Diaries. We wanted to save one last post as a little surprise. An blog encore if you like {blogcore?!!} like a bonus track at the end of a CD, remember those.

The Brucey bonus is for those of you that fancy something a little different to a Summer dress. Jumping straight into a spectacular spotty jumpsuit and wide leg trousers of dreams.

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Floral Festival Picnic Fun

Belle & Bunty London for Matalan SS17 fashion bloggers festival party picnic Margarita Karenko

Hidden gems. Don’t you just love finding them. Like coming across a brand new coffee shop that is so instagrammble you can just visualise the multitude of glorious pictures on your camera roll ‘cos you know, in this day and age, the eyes eat first. Just as long as the luke warm coffee gives you the caffeine kick you need it doesn’t need to be hot, right?! 

Then there are the shops that aren’t on your daily radar but after a quick dating style intro you know a firm relationship could be on the cards.

{Them: Hi, fancy hosting a festival style picnic party? Us: Festival you say?! Picnic party you say? Er Yes pur~lease}

And so our date with Matalan started and let us tell you, we had a {pretty, pink, floral, embroidered, bright and colourful} ball.

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Dressing for The Season

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It’s funny, the Urban Dictionary, not many words that you enter actually produce a meaning that as a grown adult you expect. Perhaps it’s a generational thing and if you were born in the 80s, the 80s {or earlier} you just don’t get it. Or should that be #geddit. Well pop in ‘Quality’ and after much Kevin~style teenage huffing the definition chucked out at you reads ~ Quality: describes something as very good. Erm, call us down with the kids or something, but hey, guys, you read our minds.

The first thing that we think of when we get our grubby fashion hungry mitts on something from L.K.Bennett is…. Quality. The urban meaning and the good ol’ Oxford Dictonary both concur. And blow us down with a feather they are right. Very Good.

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