Belle & Bunty x Dune London ~ Perfect Wedding Shoes {part.1}


Is it just us or is everyone multi- careering right now? Taking multi tasking to a whole other level.

Lawyer slash photographer, presenter and foodiextroidinaire, doctor by day and style blogger by night. Our parallel designer slash blogger careers make for an interesting week, donning different hats for differing situations but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Why do one thing when you can do a few, right?!

And while we are on the subject of multi tasking, organising a wedding takes juggling life to the next level. It can be another full time job, all that Pinning takes up a lot of time. So the lovely people at Dune London have made it easy when Β it comes to finding your perfect big day partner. Shoes that is. Well, and bags.

While wearing our own bridal collection {talking multi careering again, really its a thing} we’ve styled up 2 different looks with our top picks of Dune London‘s bridal apropos shoes and bags.

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Double Dungeree Days


How do some wardrobe itemsΒ start off as a fashion “it” item of the season, then gradually, season after season morph into our wardrobe musts haves?!? The winning formula is unknown but the Dungeree is definitely one of said pieces. Started off for those brave enough to try and balance grown up dressing with items from their kids wardrobes, a should they or shouldn’t they trend, teetering on the edge, walking that sartorial fine line but now its right up there as a day~to~day basic that we love.

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B&B Loves: Spring Nudes


It’s fair to say we love a little nude. Noooo not that type of nude, naughty. The pale peachy pink variety. As a wardrobe staple that always looks effortlessly chic and works with practically every colour we think nude is the best neutral.

Here’s our Spring top pick to brighten up your Instagram feed life. Happy shopping!

1/sandals by Chloe at Net a Porter 2/bag by Burberry 3/silk shirt by asos 4/jacket by Mango 5/dress by Mango 6/dress by Topshop 7/bag by Gucci 8/nail polish by Chanel 9/sandals by Topshop 10/sunglasses by Rayban 11/lipstick at Harvey Nichols 12/boots by Isabel Marant 13/jeans by Topshop 14/Chloe bag at Net a Porter 15/Lace up sandals by Mango 16/shirt by Warehouse 17/Self Portrait dress at Net a Porter 18/maxi dress by asos

Summer of LOVE


It’s no secret that we love colour. We look at instagram accounts that are monochrome and wonder how they do it because doesn’t a photo look better with a little splash of..… pink. Or red, or peach. We could go on but you get the idea.

Joseph and his technicolour dream coat had it right. Red and yellow and green and brown
And scarlet and black and ochre and peach.

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Free Spirited


With the 70’s trend in big resurgence again this year you’d have to be living under a stack of Vogues not to have at least considered purchasing a hippy, swishy, seventies frock.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all about this era and have been long time finger shufflers through rails and rails of 70s dresses at the best vintage establishments in town. The dilemma is always the balance: Retro/Modern. It’s a fine line. You wanna buy into the trend and get the 70s look down, but without looking like a throwback on the way to a fancy dress party.

You hear us, right? Right.

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Belle & Bunty Bunnies

EASTER BUNNY BATMAN EARS 5Maybe it’s the 4 day weekend, or maybe it’s the sugar high from all the creme eggs but something has got us eggcited.

Any excuse to don a silly mask and jump around like bunnies #asyoudo

Happy Easter everyone!

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