5 {and a half} Tips to Perfect an Instagram Photo

belle & bunty london fashion bloggers how to perfect an instagram photo

If you are reading this then you are probably, like us, Instagram addicts fans. And if you, again like us, fill up your camera roll with a gazillion photos trying the get “the one” {yeah you know that feeling don’t you} then this blog post is for you. Not that we are proclaiming to be any sort of experts, we just thought we would share a few things we have learnt along the way if you are looking to up your insta~game. We have a checklist that we consider when taking an Instagram photo and thought that sharing might be useful. We’ve also asked some of our favourite insta friends to share their top tips too. So hold tight, Insta 101 to follow…. 

belle & bunty london fashion bloggers how to perfect an instagram photo

Firstly we are going to share our handy hints and tricks with you before we get to the real experts below! You may have seen our previous post Instagram Rules we Live By to gather some ideas about our account style and photo editing etc and rules we stick to for our account on a whole, this post is more about the actual image and how to capture it well.

So here are our 5 {and a half} tips to perfect an Instagram photo, here goes….

 1 ~  LIGHT.

 This one is really key in deciding the tone of your image: light and airy, dark and monochromatic, or somewhere in-between. Natural light is best for taking photos, especially if you are using an iphone and although a sunny day & blue skies may look great in a #prettycitylondon shot, the shadows cast make photographing clothes & faces pretty tricky. If you like a darky moody image then maybe that’s what you are after but for us a bright, clean image is what we are looking for so try to avoid any harsh sunshine. Whatever floats your boat, try and be consistent to give your feed a continuous style.


Whether it’s an outfit, flatly or pretty door that you are taking a photograph of try and think of different angles. Sometimes a classic straight on or from above shot will only do but maybe a jaunty angle will add something new to your image that people haven’t seen before. Although as a rule of thumb people are creatures of habit and love what they know {like *that* insta~famous pink Knightsbridge house that gets likes over and over again} sometimes an unusual perspective offers something new to excite people. Zoom out, crop in, stand on your head a bench, whatever, give it a try.


We are always trying to think outside the {little square} box to create photos that emulate our personalities and style. A little creatively goes a long way when trying to take a photo for instagram. Get arty with your composition with different poses or try a variety of props. If you follow our account you will know we love a pretty, pastel background usually in a complementary colour to our outfits plus we are always on the hunt for cute props that you can have fun with. Hats, flowers, sunglasses and coffee always make good picture props.


When getting snap happy don’t forget the smaller details. It’s the little things that really can make or break a shot so make sure you are paying attention to the minute details. For example, in a flatlay make sure items are folded neatly, angles are square and things like bag clasps and shoe laces are tidy. In an outfit shot can you clearly see details? Is there something random and distracting in the background? It’s all about attention to detail so be attentive! And another thing, if shooting on an i~phone make sure your camera lens is clean! There have been a few annoying times when we’ve taken images only to realise afterwards that we have a big ol’ smear on our phone camera lens. Annoying beyond belief as there’s no salvaging those pictures so clean your lens first to avoid such school boy errors.


Sometimes a situation arises that needs no orchestrating and a couple of snaps later you are done! This is rare. Take the time to gather props, hunt down great locations and use the new SAVE button on Instragram to keep your own little bank of inspiration. Take as many photo options as you can to look back at later and if that means spending a few minutes moving your coffee cups, sugar bowl and sunglasses around on a pretty table to get the perfect distance between them the so be it. It’s pretty much trial and error until you get what you like and if you have to stand on a chair then do it. {we’ve all been there} Spending the time when taking the image to get it right will save you have to try and crop and over edit it later.


That leads us onto our *bonus half point*. Embarrassment, or rather getting over it! {not necessarily a tip to take a good photo but it does help non the less} We had to do this a long time ago and if you want to be included in your Insta photos, or get the greatest shots you possibly can, then sometimes the best photos result from the most embarrassing situation: a crowded flower market, the prettiest coffee shop… to get the photograph you want you have to not mind doing some slightly awkward things. It has been known that we move time nd time again in a coffee shop to get the most insta friendly set up {mortified instahusband but happy instagrammer} Everyone and their mothers have Instagram now so they know what you are doing anyway if they see these antics, we just laugh off any embrassment now and roll with it! 

belle & bunty london fashion bloggers how to perfect an instagram photo

So…. those are our tips you might like to consider when taking a photo for your instagram feed, but we also asked our friends and top fashion blogging buddies if they followed any instagram rules when posting images on their accounts. Here are their pearls of wisdom….

Nathan from The Rollinson London

“Th best way to take a photo is to find a different perspective/angle to create a wow factor. For the flatlay, I always tend to use a white background to help the props stand out better. During my time when I visit a restaurant to take a shot of the food, unfortunately the room can tend to be quite orange/yellowish so request to sit by the window to get better light for a photo opportunity. Although I did ask once to turn off the lights in the restaurant! Try and not to do this!” @therollinsonlondonbelle & bunty london fashion bloggers how to perfect an instagram photo the rollinson

Alex from The Frugality 

“I like my pics to be quite graphic and pop out of the grid, so I find a crop works best for me! It also eliminates my worries of what I look like, what my hair is doing that day and means I don’t have to bother with makeup! Win win!” @thefrugalitybelle & bunty london fashion bloggers how to perfect an instagram photo

Briony from A Girl A Style

“I’d say my top tips are: finding your own style & embracing that in your feed, good natural lighting, and not over-editing your shots.”  @agirlastylebelle & bunty london fashion bloggers how to perfect an instagram photo a girl a style

Victoria from Aurora Stories 

“Always think of opposites, if you have a really busy/unique outfit, go for a simple background so the outfit really pops and if you have a really simple outfit look for a busy background to compliment it and make it interesting” @victoriametaxasbelle & bunty london fashion bloggers how to perfect an instagram photo liv purvis

Lorna from Lorna Luxe

“Always include something personal when you capture a flatlay – if i take a pic of my food at a dinner table i’ll always shove my handbag or sunnies on the table – it makes it yours and feels more intimate” @lornaluxebelle & bunty london fashion bloggers how to perfect an instagram photo lorna luxe

 We really hope that this is helps and inspires you a little, and if you have any of your own tips the please share below, we would absolutely love to hear them!

In the meantime, see you over on the dark side {i.e Instagram}

belle & bunty london fashion bloggers how to perfect an instagram photo

 Personalised hats by Sunshine and Shades, earrings by Accessorize, espadrilles bu Unisa, bag by Chloé, watches by Henry London and Abbott Lyon, lip gloss by Mii Make up, leopard slides by Boden



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