Belle & Bunty Loves: Sparkly Holiday Eyes


It wouldn’t be The Holidays without a smattering of sparkle now would it? If you don’t fancy the human disco ball look {see previous sequin outfit post here} and want something festive yet, ahem…..subtle, how about a little sparkly eye?!

We are loving these looks, from the gold eyeliner swoosh {perhaps a little easier to perfect than in black?!?} to the smokey eyed glitter and even gold foil looks perfectly party like for this time of year.

Now, go get the New Year’s Eve Midas Touchdf58f4ba577bd4e98028ab79cdadbfb2




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Glittery eyes as inspiration, what could be better! If you want to see where these images are from check out our Pinterest board, its very {p}interesting.

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