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Bridal Chic in the City

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It’s a conundrum. Hunting for a wedding dress when you never really wear dresses. You’re not the girl that’s always dreamt of a giant extravaganza of a ‘Big Day’. You don’t like big skirted, princess dresses but you do want a lovely frock. Obviously.

More paired back than piled on. ‘Cos when it comes to weddings ALOT can be piled on.

Sequins, lace, crystals, embellishment, beading, the Bridal Bling Squad can be out in full force. Let us level with you, we don’t wanna be in that crew. We’d rather hang out with Dune London and our own range of dresses, thanks.

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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding


The world can be a strange place {let’s not get started about the political news this morning} As soon as the clocks turn and it looks like Winter is here the shops start drip feeding black into our wardrobes. A little black knitwear here, dark denim there, and right about now the sequins start. Light you’re self up like an Emo Christmas tree and you are party ready? Well no, not in our book. There are alternatives to black that are anything but basic, because who wants to rock up to their BFF’s wedding or work Christmas Do wearing boring ‘ol black #notus

There is of course a time and place for black and we appreciate it’s sartorial safety net but we think that when the party season rolls around you can do better. Dare to be different, try something new and opt for the more colourful versions. This we think is true for both clothes and accessories and Dune London look like they agree.

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Winter Wedding Inspo with Dune London

belle & bunty bridal shoot blog collaboration Dune London Hari Hotel Seventies Style

You know you are in the right job when you love what you do and we are amongst the lucky ones that truly do. Everyday we get to combine our love of designing, beautiful fabrics and making super special dresses as fashion designers, plus our love of shopping and clothes as style bloggers.

As our on going accessory addiction continues {all part of our job, that’s what we tell The Husbands anyway} Dune London has helped feed our habits by producing beautiful accessories time after time. So it only seemed right that we shared the love with you guys. Your feet will thank us. You may have seen our last collaborations with Dune London herehere and here and this post shares our latest styled bridal looks, featuring outfits by yours truly and Dune London accessories ~ 2 Winter Wedding inspirational looks for your Big Day!

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Belle & Bunty x Dune London ~ Perfect Wedding Shoes {part.2}

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Tradition. Modern women can be a whole heap of contradictions. Paying for the bill. Opening doors. Wanting everything our way. We want the pleasantries but want it on our terms too. We know what we want and how to get it but when it comes to our Big Days somehow something traditional is, well, pretty nice. Even if you have to fight it out with Caitlyn Moran, when it comes to weddings ladies always resort to some sort of convention. What happens in bridal fight club….

It’s a fine line. A balancing act between enough modern but a sprinkling of those lovely old fashioned traditions that make a wedding A Wedding. If you are anything like us, when planning your big day the deliberation over your whole Look is pretty lengthy, how the get the balance right so you feel like You but on a really good day.  In Part 2 of our collaboration with Dune London we’ve styled up 2 looks that illustrate both fashion forward vs. traditional options.

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Tuscany Travels ~ Kaleidotour 2016

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Winter in England can feel pretty long can’t it. It really drags on and you end up yearning for a spot of sunshine on your skin. Is that just us? No we thought not. So when events planners Italian-Eye invited us on their 2016 edition of the Kaleidotour we couldn’t thrust our passports at them quick enough.

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