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5 {and a half} Tips to Perfect an Instagram Photo

belle & bunty london fashion bloggers how to perfect an instagram photo

If you are reading this then you are probably, like us, Instagram addicts fans. And if you, again like us, fill up your camera roll with a gazillion photos trying the get “the one” {yeah you know that feeling don’t you} then this blog post is for you. Not that we are proclaiming to be any sort of experts, we just thought we would share a few things we have learnt along the way if you are looking to up your insta~game. We have a checklist that we consider when taking an Instagram photo and thought that sharing might be useful. We’ve also asked some of our favourite insta friends to share their top tips too. So hold tight, Insta 101 to follow…. 

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5 Things to do in London at Easter

Belle & Bunty London What to do in London this easter Soho Aladdin Disney SS17 fashion travel bloggers

CHOCOLATE! Aha! That got your attention. With the Easter long weekend just around the corner we thought we’d put together a little guide of Central London ‘things’ that we enjoy doing when spending quality time with our loved ones. Inspiration for the Easter holidays that doesn’t just include chocolate {well maybe a little bit} Here are 5 things to entertain you including a fun evening at Aladdin the Musical.

Just call us your little Easter Genies…

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6 Inspiring Women to Follow on Instagram

international womens day

For International Women’s Day 2017, we thought it was about time we shared some love. There are so many women we come across day to day who we find inspiring, ladies like us doing it for themselves. This years IWD #BeBoldForChange calls for us to try and help forge a better world for women and although the main angle maybe in the working world, we think it is relevant across all aspects of our lives. These women below inspire us and we hope will inspire you too. Be it in a small part to dress the way you want to dress, have fun with your work, show you can have it all with work and family life or to have more self love.

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Why Every Wardrobe Needs a Trench Coat

Belle & bunty london classic trench coat street style fashion bloggers

We are pretty confident that you’ll agree with us when we say there are a handful of clothing items that don’t ever need tampering with. No need to reinvent the wheel, they are pretty darn good as they are. Cases in point: The basic leather biker and denim jacket, you can add a few studs, embroidered patches or some fringe but really it’s just cool as it is. All wardrobe staples that every gal needs.

The Trench Coat, in our book is the biggest one of all. A classic that, year in year out, comes out to play in Spring {and Autumn} as that perfect Classy transitional coverup. No need to mess.

Plus who doesn’t want to play dress up as an Top Secret Spy? Not us, thats for sure.

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A Valentines {or Galentines} Day out

Belle & Bunty London Seven Dials trends streetstyle blogger shoot fashion20170127_74

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We know this calendar event really divides people. Those who suck up the tradition and fall feet first into the romance: roses, chocolates….the lot. Then there are others who are not fans. The dictatorial pressures that society puts on them, whether they have a loved one to share their time with or not. Neither of us are big fans, we don’t buy into the traditional completely. Don’t get us wrong, what gal doesn’t love a pressie or 2 spot of romance and the chance to spend time with our nearest and dearest.

Whether thats your one true love or gal pal’s that know you the best.

Valentine’s OR Galentine’s then we found the perfect spot. 

Just a stone’s throw away from Leicester Square tube is a our new found shopping haven ~ Seven Dials. A destination area perfect for a weekend away, day trip or flying visit to a new found eatery. As one fully fledged Londoner and one who’s lived in the City for years we of course know of Seven Dials but like so many things in the place that you live, it’s an area we hadn’t thoroughly explored. Until now.

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Flower Power

belle & bunty paris street style rue cremieux flower power shoot pastels harvey nichols

You may remember last year when we hopped on the Eurostar for a couple of days in Paris, swanning around the city drinking copious amounts of wine coffee and taking in the sights. This colourful streets was one of our faves which felt like home from home tbh, and was the most photogenic backdrop to showcase some jazzy floral looks. For some funny reason we’ve been sat on these pretty pictures but with Spring just round the corner we thought now was time to show them to you all. A little inspo as we long for dream of warmer days.

Recently we’ve only been wearing prints occasionally which is well, pretty odd seeing as we are both trained print designers and our own label started off based around silk screen prints. We used to lovingly sit for hours hand drawing florals and birds before digitally turning them into repeat patterns that then graced our catwalk shows at London Fashion Week but thats a whole other story {holla if you wanna know more!}

We digress. Back to *these* pretty prints and the thought of bare legs and Springy, sunshiny days. So right now its still pretty arctic out there but that doesn’t stop us thinking forward to outfits we can wear when the weather warms up, cos you know, its only just around the corner. Thank God and B’bye thermals.

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