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After hiding under a layer of knitwear and foundation all Winter long we are finally thinking about getting Spring ready. It’s time to bare all {well, nearly….not quite} and so we have started thinking about products we love that lend a helping hand in making you feel a little bit better about yourself. Life is pretty hectic, we are sure you’ll agree. The juggle of work, home, kids and family leaves us little time to pamper. Gone are the days of time for ourselves, hours of at home treatments and weekly manicures {hold on, not sure we actually EVER did do that but you get the point!} We are looking for products that work and are pretty low maintenance. Bish bash bosh beauty, if you like

The Facial

Just as we said we have no time for ourselves then we hit you with a pampering facial. Well this one caught our eye as it is {in facial terms} a pretty speedy one at only 45 minutes. It also happens to be in our of our favourite department stores in London so, you know, we could potentially be there anyway shopping researching.

We are ALWAYS searching for a great facial but with long techy names and therapies we are slightly put off trying them for fear of the unknown. So when we were invited along to Harvey Nichols new Beauty Lounge for a treatment we picked something that we had heard of on the grapevine but not yet tried. Microdermabrasion treatment followed by LED facial in The Light Salon. Micro Dermabrasion is essentially like having the dead skin hoovered off your face by tiny crystals which involves no chemicals at all. It’s not relaxing but you do feel like you have had a really good clean. Afterwards we looked red and blotchy but fine lines did look slightly reduced straight away. The following LED treatment uses light to energise skin cells into producing collagen, again no chemicals, or scary peels. We did 11 minutes under the lamp which glows yellow and has a lovely warm heat ~ very relaxing indeed. Now these things can be a bit ’emperors new clothes’ You can see what you want to see and maybe being stuck under a nice warm light with a little facial massage afterward makes you feel so relaxed that yes you do look refreshed but it was a day or so later that you could see the difference. A more even skin tone and previous breakout scars had faded a little too. It was like our skin cells had woken up after a wine filled Christmas to take on Spring with new frisky vivaciousness. Obviously this wouldn’t be the same for everyone and Alice noticed a bigger difference than Hannah but if you want to give yourself a Spring head start, a facial can really kickstart your Spring beauty routine.

Now you could try any of these beauty busters too, to up your face game {is that even a thing?!}


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

We were introduced to Fresh on a recent trip in London {see the post here} and have tried a few of their delicious products. We love the ethos of pure, natural beauty fusing effective ingredients, time honoured rituals and modern science for undeniable results. All the products have a big quantity of natural produce in them {the rose mask is like putting rose jelly on your face, so good} and this is the gentlest cleanser ever. Not only does it smell amazing it is super lightweight but packs punches melting away all your make up….. even mascara. If you haven’t heard of Fresh then defo one to check out.


Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate oil

We came across this oil at a Press Day and after trying a little sample had to get a bottle! It came highly recommended and its a cruelty free product which we love. A gorgeous oil, perfect for rehydrating and those early signs of ageing, you can add a drop to your day moisturiser for some extra hydration and use at night to up your bedtime face care.

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster Radiance

Another oil but this one has something super dooper to offer! This is an oil that you mix into your moisturiser to turn it into a fake tan. Seriously! It’s really gentle and subtle so you can control the colour depending on your own skin tone so no fear of waking up like you’ve been tango’d. At this time of the year when, if you are anything like us, need an extra bit of help then this is the one for you. We are really loving multi purpose products at the mo.


Rodial Snake Serum

This one comes with a hefty price tag but if your beauty budget can stretch {its £130 a bottle} then we would say DO IT! Not many products do you use that visibly make a difference but this one did. Rodial is one of those brands that isn’t everywhere so you might not have heard of it but if you ignore the somewhat scary name of this product and think of it purely as a serum that is going to brighten your skin tone then we think you’ll love it. As a treat or add to your birthday present list, we love it.

Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream

Some more Fresh for you. We’ve been using this more at night for a really intensive moisture boost rather than in the day but as its a gel that really calms your skin you can apply in the morning as it works under make up or try it at night too to wake up in the morning with your skin looking really even and soft. Plus if you love anything with a rose fragrance this is for you.


Rodial Bee Venon Cleanser

Having used a different brand cleansing balm for a while we are converts of the extra deep clean feel that a balm and cloth provides so again, don’t be put off by this products name. There is no sting just a straight up soft, thorough clean. It also lasts pretty long too so the price tag warrants the usage.

Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil

If your legs, like ours have been hiding beneath tights and under jeans for the past few months they may well need a little TLC. Weleda is brand we’ve used for a while as its homeopathic, natural and cruelty free. The Skin Food cream has been a beauty buzz word for years, right. While we are advocates of a healthy balanced diet and marvel at what a good fake tan can do to your pins, this oil offers a little added extra. We found that with a regular nightly application with some light massage this oil can really help smooth and tone and it really doesn’t break the bank so worth a try in our book.


Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

Abit late to the BB party mainly because the first few we tried weren’t that great, however this one is amazing at evening out skin tone. Use it under foundation for a really dewy look or on its own on an off day for a little je ne said quoi. It’s beautifully light so that it doesn’t clog your pores so one we’ll keep on using especially as the weather brightens up and we don’t look quite so grey!

He-She Overnight Ageless Tanning Balm

Another new brand for us but hello! this combines anti ageing AND subtle tanning! Seriously. It’s a luxurious, anti-ageing gradual tanner, which helps restore a youthful glow, by smoothing the skin’s surface and diffusing the appearance of lines and wrinkles overnight. This all sounds miraculous and we have to say its pretty good. For a pre~Summer boost this is ticking 2 boxes in 1 so we love it.

 Olaplex Hair Perfector

Last but by no means least, probably one beauty product that needs no intro. If you pay any attention to the beauty press or whats going on with Kim K’s barnet then you would’ve heard of Olaplex. If you are looking to give your hair a serious boost then this is your pal. Olaplex launched onto the beauty scene and quickly became an A-listers favourite to keep their locks in tip top shape when using lots of colour and with 2 in salon treatments we were excited to try the at~home treatment. If you have damaged hair or are wanting to really inject some goodness into your barnet then give this weekly treatment a go, honestly you won’t regret it.

SO there you have our selection of beauty products that we are loving right about now and will help give you a little Spring boost. We’d love to hear your top beauty products that get you Spring Ready, and watch this save for more beauty buys we think you might like :)

Check out more of what the Knightsbridge Harvey Nichols Beauty Lounge has to offer here, we’ll be back for lashes next time….

This post is in collaboration with Harvey Nichols. All views our own.

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