LFW Look 3

loon fashion week street style 3

We’ve had conversations recently at LFW about our winning twinning outfits. We like to think that rather than “matching” we perfectly compliment what each other are wearing. Like the sartorial version of fine wine and cheese or Kermit and Miss Piggy {the odds are on for who is who}

These outfits work in so much that they match but don’t match. Work with us on this.

It only makes sense that when you hang out with your friends a lot {and/or work together like us that’s ALOT} that your style preferences rub off on each other and you end up rocking up wearing similar the same items. This happens to us all the time, those who follow us on Instagram will stand testament to this, and we seem to be drawn to the same sort of clothing and accessories, in very distinct colours.

BUT isn’t the key to true style that you can put your personal swing on it? Find something you love and make it your own? And sometimes you and your girlfriends will coordinate like nobodies business and the #squad can be used ’til the cows come home.

Here we are happy as pie wearing key pieces that are truly us, and whaddya know, we match but don’t match.

london fashion week streestyle 6

london fashion week 4

london fashion week 5ย lfw streetstyle 2

This is the last of our London Fashion Week outfit, and after much show going, Soho street walking and champers swilling {well, it IS fashion week dahhhhling} we’ll be reviewing the best of the week here soon. Watch this space! *lots of air kisses*

london fashion week street style pink

Alice wears gilet by River Island {similar here}, vintage scarf, jeans by Monki {similar here},ย bag by Mulberry, shoes by L.K.Bennett, sunglasses by Mango

Hannah wears shirt by Mango, jacket by asos, trousers by Monkiย {similar here}, bag by L.K.Bennett {similar here}, pom pom by Dune, boots by Dune, sunglasses by Rayban

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