Red Hot Boots

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Extra Extra, Read All About it. Millennial pink, the colour that has been grabbing all the headlines this year, will always be close to our hearts but this season there is another shade that’s giving it a serious run for its money. The fashion world {and us} are currently having a moment with the colour red. It’s everywhere and we for 2 are not complaining. Thanks to Dune London and these e~x~t~r~a boots, we got to dip our toes {and thighs in Alice’s case} all in.

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How We Unwind On The Weekend

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We must ‘fess up that although we love the Summer and all it brings {read: leather sandals, little dresses and cold white wine} come Autumn we are itching to get out the chunky knits, cosy coats and ankle boots. Is there anything better than wrapping up on a fresh day with that low in the sky sunshine and having a little down time. As oversharers bloggers we thought it only right that we share a few of our favourite things to do at the weekend to try and switch off a little.

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The Perfect Ankle Boot

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Just like a Beyonce hit record that gets in your head and you want to play non~stop, a fun & fabulous bold statement ankle boot is our Autumn/Winter obsession. Our partners in crime, coffee run buddies and dinner date third wheelers, they are multi functional, multi talented little pieces of joy that you probably need in your wardrobe right about now.

Yes, we think you are ready for some Dune London jelly.

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Jackets To Give a F*@k About

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We recently read that book about not giving a f*@k, bit late to the party but you know the one. There are certain things that we are never gonna give a flying eff about like The Kardashians, other peoples dinner on Instagram and the Eastenders story line.

But *these* jackets we definitely do.

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3 Styling Tips to Finish Your Look

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Recently pondering, thinking about the bare bones of our style and daily getting ready rituals we realised that without even knowing it we’ve been following 3 big style rules for years. Everyday, while putting our outfits together we seem to have these subliminal standards that we adhere to no matter what the outfit to feel, and we hope, look put together. No matter what your outfit, tick off these 3 style finishing touches and you’ll look more Anna Wintour than Nicole Smith.

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I’m Mr{s} Brightside

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Fancy a challenge? If you are game we dare you to ditch the darks and come over to the bright side. With the darker days drawing in and the want for new season wardrobe additions, we’ve been contemplating why it is that AW usually means dark and moody, not just sartorially speaking. When the weather is making you feel gloomy surely wearing cheerful mood boosting clothes with a feel good factor is a no brainer?

I’m Mr{s}. Brightside.

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