Jazzed up Jeans

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There’s nothing like the New Year to mix things up a little and get adventurous with your wardrobe. While budgets this month maybe a little tight post Christmas, there are a few key pieces we believe it’s worth buying at the beginning of the year if you are looking for some new items to add into your wardrobe. Much more on what they all may be another time but let’s talk about a fave subject of ours in particular: The Jean.

It’s a classic piece that we know all of you own wear and love to death. The jean has got to be every girls no.1 wardrobe staple. For us that is 100% true. We live in jeans and thanks to Wallis we got to road test a couple of fun pairs, classic shapes with on trend twists.

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How We Stay Motivated & Active

Belle & Bunny Zakti activewear London bloggers fashion style

This time last year we posted a New Year, New You blog post wearing Zakti Activewear along with our resolutions for the year. This year as our first post of 2018 we have decided not to make resolutions but focus on living a happy, healthy life while trying to find the best balance we can.

Finding enough {or even some} ‘you’ time when you are busy business running mums is pretty tough but both of us strive each week to take a few hours out to do what keeps us slightly sane in our hectic lives and that’s to exercise. We have 3 rules we to try live by to get motivated and find that ‘you’ time so if you want some encouragement to get your sweat on, read on.

No training, no gainin’!

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The NYE Sparkly Party Top

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Just like obligatory excess Quality Sweet scoffing, the festive season can’t pass by without a little bit of sequin sparkle. Dems da rules. That is unless you plan to spend all your time in pjs watching Netflix then please feel free to skip this post. We are weighing up options {ie. how much of Dark we can get through before NYE? } and are currently undecided TBH.

Comfy read:elasticated waistsbands aside, we are all for transforming yourself into a human disco ball for NYE but prefer to pair a sparkly top with some dressed down denim and party perfect heels instead of going the full whole hog. If you are managing to prize yourself off of the sofa then grab Kirakira and get ready for some high shine bobby dazzlers party options.

Baby you’re a firework.

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How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

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Seeing as we couldn’t get you all an actual Christmas pressie this year, we thought we’d share the next best thing virtually. Well, it is if you are as Instagram obsessed as we are… Our tips on how to {try and} beat the Instagram Algorithm. Dun dun dun… there’s THAT dreaded word. We are pretty sure that, like us, it may have plagued your life this year, it has ours, so like dogs with bones we haven’t been able to let go. When Insta has got us down we’ve researched and tested out a few things to come up with tips that work for us, to try and beat the slippery little sucker.
Here goes…

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Putting On The Ritz

belle and bunny London the ritz at Christmas

You remember last year when we said how cliché red dresses for Christmas were in this post?! Well surprise, they are back with a big ol’ bang! We just can’t help ourselves and when some of you maybe reaching for a LBD we would always choose a little fiery number to spice things up! If you’ve been following along then you would have seen us posting various festive outfits as a little sartorial inspiration incase your mulled wine is not making you shop outside the box. Like the dressed up denim looks or velvet kick flares and a classic silk blouse all of which would see you good at various holiday events from Boxing Day nibbles at your mates to the big day {Xmas} or the big night {NYE}.

Here we are unashamedly going full hog with the pretty party dress and no, we are not sorry one teeny bit. We’ve even stuck a bow on it.

Cliché or not we urge you to try a splash of colour for the festive feel good factor and red is the best place to start at Christmas. Fancy being a Lady in Red to Spice Up Ya Life?

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Beauty Products To Get You Party Ready

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If ever there was a time of the year when you want to be looking your very best it’s at Christmas. Prime party time it’s also the time for excuses. An excuse to treat yourself, an excuse to get your hair & nails did done, and also when you can experiment with some new make up and beauty buys. Summer is all about that fresh faced au natural look for us but in December we love to try a new lipstick or get hold of a new brand and mix it up a little. Read on to find out which new beauty brands we’ve been trying recently, how we’ve been Ellisons inspired and ones we think you need no excuse to try.

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