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Putting On The Ritz

belle and bunny London the ritz at Christmas

You remember last year when we said how cliché red dresses for Christmas were in this post?! Well surprise, they are back with a big ol’ bang! We just can’t help ourselves and when some of you maybe reaching for a LBD we would always choose a little fiery number to spice things up! If you’ve been following along then you would have seen us posting various festive outfits as a little sartorial inspiration incase your mulled wine is not making you shop outside the box. Like the dressed up denim looks or velvet kick flares and a classic silk blouse all of which would see you good at various holiday events from Boxing Day nibbles at your mates to the big day {Xmas} or the big night {NYE}.

Here we are unashamedly going full hog with the pretty party dress and no, we are not sorry one teeny bit. We’ve even stuck a bow on it.

Cliché or not we urge you to try a splash of colour for the festive feel good factor and red is the best place to start at Christmas. Fancy being a Lady in Red to Spice Up Ya Life?

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Out of This World Prints

Belle & Bunny London fashion bloggers Balthazar Christmas outfit ideas

As we sit down to write this post it is snowing outside. Snowing in London! It’s like the Lochness Monster, a rare sight. And just when its really cooling down, things are hotting up over on the festive front. A warm spell of reds, golds and glitter has finally hit and we aren’t taking shelter. No we are facing it head on. Christmas: bring it on!


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Walking in Winter Wonderland

There once was a girl named Alice. She wanted a little festive fix so dragged her friend with her down a rabbit hole into a fabulous fantasy world with spectacular sights, many culinary delights #eatme #drinkme and many a fun ride. Ok, so maybe we’ve gone Mad as a Hatter and really we just rocked up to London’s Hyde Park to act like big kids at Winter Wonderland for a few hours.

If you are looking to escape reality then ice skating, fairground rides and market stools are waiting for you, plus a glass or two of mulled wine. We promise you’ll leave grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

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