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Jazzed up Jeans

Belle & Bunty for Wallis Denim ss18 pink house notting hill London

There’s nothing like the New Year to mix things up a little and get adventurous with your wardrobe. While budgets this month maybe a little tight post Christmas, there are a few key pieces we believe it’s worth buying at the beginning of the year if you are looking for some new items to add into your wardrobe. Much more on what they all may be another time but let’s talk about a fave subject of ours in particular: The Jean.

It’s a classic piece that we know all of you own wear and love to death. The jean has got to be every girls no.1 wardrobe staple. For us that is 100% true. We live in jeans and thanks to Wallis we got to road test a couple of fun pairs, classic shapes with on trend twists.

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Partywear Style Rules with Wallis

Belle & Bunty AW polka dot partywear london street style with Wallis

There are some rules that we live by {Work Hard and Be Nice to People} and when it comes to dressing up there are a few that are a given, no Pinterest quote needed. Style rule “formulas” we keep in our back pocket when deciding how to put our outfits together. Sartorial algebra to solve our outfit puzzles, if you like. After years of working in the fashion industry and streamlining our own personal styles, we think they are pretty tried and tested.

You’d think there are elementary equations to follow and on the whole you’d be right. Ratio’s are key. We know that in the legs out, chest in rule {you know that one, right?!} Just like mash potato and ketchup the balance has to be *just* right so we’d stick to a 7/8’s carbs to 1/8 sauce equation.

We applied some of our sartorial rules when Wallis asked us to pick from their festive Partywear range and zeroed in on these pretty polka dotty numbers which ticked the boxes of our 10 dressing up commandments.

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Holiday Style with Wallis


An old Italian proverb once said “Age and glasses of wine should never be counted.” We knew we liked Italians, ALOT. Hence our holiday destination last week when we jetted off to Sicily, the island of processo and arnacini. Ricky Martin might have been Livin’ La Vida Loca but we were planning on livin la dolce vita.

Just call us Bella & Bunty

So when you know that food {and a lot of it} is on the menu, what’s a gal to wear? Luckily for us Wallis had our backs.

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