3 Styling Tips to Finish Your Look

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Recently pondering, thinking about the bare bones of our style and daily getting ready rituals we realised that without even knowing it we’ve been following 3 big style rules for years. Everyday, while putting our outfits together we seem to have these subliminal standards that we adhere to no matter what the outfit to feel, and we hope, look put together. No matter what your outfit, tick off these 3 style finishing touches and you’ll look more Anna Wintour than Nicole Smith.

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Style tip Numero Uno, with whatever outfit and no matter which day it is would be carrying a nice handbag. Not rocket science and we appreciate that a designer bag is a big investment but if you can save up then we really believe you won’t look back. We usually save up our hard earned pennies for a new addition roughly every season and feel that a classic bag in a great colour from a designer brand we love slots easily into our wardrobes and really adds something to our daily looks. Plus we really use our bags, don’t hide them away in their dust bags, get your use out of them and then cost per wear works out to something a little more palatable.

As we get older and have found our basic, core style we know that a designer handbag is going to be for life and not just for the season and the bonus is even if you are wearing the most basic of looks, a spot of great arm candy is going to elevate your look and this is a day to day trick of ours. Especially when running around and you may not want to be wearing an outfit that is over styled or too fussy, a beautiful bag is going to finish off your look nicely and give you a polished feel. If you are looking for a new bag baby then you could try one of our favourite designer shopping destinations Bicester Village, who stock some of the hottest bag brands right now with whopping discounts and we both have picked up a bag or 2 from there in recent visits. Another good option would be a mid level high street brand such as L.K.Bennett who have a fantastic bag range and the prices are a bit more affordable than designer brands.

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Second up has to be jewellery. We are self confessed jewellery addicts and you will not catch us without at least a handful of rings clustered on our digits and numerous necklaces layered around our necks. We always, always have some sort of ear candy and our usual go~to would be a classic gold hoop or in more recent months a colourful satament earring which is an affordable trend to buy into. Again this styling tip finishes off any outfit and can dress up the most simplest of looks. Most of our delicate yellow gold jewellery goes from day to night and so we keep it on at pretty much all occasions {yes that includes trips to the gym and bed}

Our favourite jewellery designers include British brands Missoma, Muru, Zoe & Morgan and Laura Lee aswell as NYC label Catbird who’s skinny rings we live in. High street hits always come from the Z by Accessorize  range too for gold plated pieces that are great for layering and can only cost as much as your lunch.

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Finally it has to be nicely painted nails. Both of us will pretty much always have our nails painted and can vary from a range of colours but a classic red is our basic look. If you catch us without painted nails then something is wrong, very wrong! On a serious note, when the sh!t is hitting the fan and you can only muster up a jeans and sweater look a painted nail will always finish off your look and shout “I have my shiz together” even if you don’t.

We aren’t fussy when it comes to nail polish brands and have tried many out there with various results but we pretty much always do home manicures {who really has time to get their nails done when they are working mothers?!! Not us unfortunately!} and steer clear of nail art or any kooky colours to give a sophisticated element to even the most rudimental of outfits. If in doubt go bright pillar box red.

BelleBunty_TheLaslett-4924 BLOGSo there you have it, 3 of our styling tips we apply to our outfits on a daily basis like an amour to face the world! Do you have any daily styling methods that you always apply when getting ready?

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Alice wears top by Joanie {similar here}, jeans by H&M, coat by Next {similar here and here}, shoes by Dune London, vintage belt, bag by Hill & Friends

Hannah wears top by Ganni, vintage Levi jeans, coat by H&M {similar here}, boots by Next, bag by Chloé, scarf by H&M, earrings by Next

Photos by Victoria Metaxas


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