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If ever there was a time of the year when you want to be looking your very best it’s at Christmas. Prime party time it’s also the time for excuses. An excuse to treat yourself, an excuse to get your hair & nails did done, and also when you can experiment with some new make up and beauty buys. Summer is all about that fresh faced au natural look for us but in December we love to try a new lipstick or get hold of a new brand and mix it up a little. Read on to find out which new beauty brands we’ve been trying recently, how we’ve been Ellisons inspired and ones we think you need no excuse to try.

Belle & Bunty New Beauty buys fashion blog london style bloggers st Tropez

Let’s just put it out there that we love a good fake tan. We’ve been using them for year and have tried many on the market {sprays, mousses, gels, creams, tinted, non~tinted….} but we always come back to the St. Tropez Classic Tan. We had been stuck in a rut consistently trying to find a new formula or brand of tanner but got inspired and went back to an old fave and now we are sticking. The coverage is always great, the colour natural and the scent isn’t over baring plus no its not the cheapest on the market but equally not the most spendy. Yes we’ll always be on the look out for a brand new fake tan to try but for now we are sticking to this one to give us a bit of a glow this party season.

Belle & Bunty New Beauty buys fashion blog london style bloggers glossier

Glossier has been on our radar for aggggges thanks to an immense following on Instagram and it seemed that every fellow blogger was making a pilgrimage to their store while in the Big Apple, but we hadn’t tried anything until recently. Now that they are shipping to the UK we finally got our hands on some bits to try {and still have a big ol’ list of more we want to test drive} For now we have been using Boy Brow, a coloured eyebrow gel that works a treat at adding slight definition aswell as keeping our brows in place all night long. We admit we were swayed by Wowder as it just looked so pretty, seriously look at the packaging {and brush that comes with it!} but we are pleased to report that it does a great job as a finishing and setting powder which is just what you need in the winter when you go from day to night. If you like pink, pretty things then do check out Glossier, your face will thank us, you bank balance won’t.

Belle & Bunty New Beauty buys fashion blog london style bloggers mii makeup

We mentioned Mii in our Everyday Makeup Must Haves blog post but if you haven’t heard of the brand then listen up: you are going to love it! We were introduced to them last year as it is a sister to Jessica Nails of whom we are pretty sure you’ll have come across. Originally a spa only beauty brand it is available to buy direct online and we suggest perusing the website right about now. As beauty lovers, but not experts by any means, we can only tell you our honest opinions of products we genuinely have been using and Mii makeup is something we pick up from our make up bags daily.

The lipsticks for example are the most creamiest consistency and come in really lovely shades. We have a few peachy ones that add a great pop of subtle colour to your lips for the day and these vibrant shades are part of a new launch for A/W: fabulous party shades to see you through December. Daily we reach for their Forever Eye Colour Crayon in Sorbet as a great underbrow highlight shade and we also use it in the corner of the eye to brighten plus we’ve recently discovered why their mascara is their best seller ~ it is amazing! We also been loving this bronzer which has a trio of shades: it’s not too shimmery and is definitely giving our usual go ~to Chanel Les Beiges a run for its money!

Belle & Bunty New Beauty buys fashion blog london style bloggers

We are seriously getting into the beauty blog posts, would you like to see more for us? Let us know!

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