Our Blogging Journey, So Far

Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

Blogging for us “just happened”. We did not wake up one day thinking that today was the day to start a blog. It’s been an evolution and here we are! We’ve been wanting to write a post for a while giving you guys more insight into our story as there is a little more to us than pink lattes meets the eye. So we’ve written about our background which got us into blogging, our thoughts on this somewhat strange job we have found ourselves in and what we have learnt so far… here goes…



Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle   Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

If you don’t know then here comes the big news…. we are actually trained fashion designers and have our own label so have been working together as #girlbosses for over 10 years. We met at The London College of Fashion and started our brand fairly fresh out of university having interned and worked at many fashion companies gaining knowledge in all areas from production, pr, manufacturing aswell as designing. When our first collection was done we found ourselves showing at London Fashion Week { you can see our collections on Vogue here if you fancy!} and touting our wears as fresh faced youngsters at Paris Fashion Week. Very young and naive but probably the best way to get into the fashion game, all the enthusiasm and learning on the job we decided to open our first shop in London, which we still run today. After about 6 years of the fashion scene we both got married within 6 months of each other and designed our wedding dresses together. It was then that we realised that there was a massive gap in the market for simple, elegant, glamourous wedding dressings for girls like us who love fashion and don’t like all the fuss {and bling, so much bling} that is so common in the bridal market. After the lightbulb moment we slowly transitioned our brand from a ready~to~wear label to made~to~order bridal and occasionwear, all made in our London workshop and designed exclusively by us. So day to day if we maybe a bit quiet on Instagram Stories it’s because we are busily working away in our boutique with our lovely Belle & Bunty brides.

That’s s bit of the history, so the question is: How did you get into blogging.

Well, we have always had a blog on our website which we would use to showcase inspiration behind our collections, or document when we got press in a magazine or a celebrity wearing one of our designs but really the game changer came with.. yes you guessed it: Instagram. Using the social media app as a way of expressing our personal styles, things we liked doing in London or simply our daily coffee gradually it became more about us and less about our designs. People seemed to be interested and as our following grew a little so did the interest from brands who seemed to like the colourful world we had created in those little square boxes.

Once we realised that a basic i-phone snap against a white wall wasn’t going to keep cutting the mustard, it was when we started working with professional photographers and getting a series of amazing quality images that it seemed a shame to only share 1 or 2 on Instagram and therefore our blog seemed like the obvious place to pop the rest. After rebranding our blog at the end of 2015 we find ourselves here, as bloggers aswell as designers!

Some of you may want to know more about how we’ve turned blogging into a business {comment below if so!} but that’s a whole other post so for now we thought we’d share……

Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

What we’ve learnt, so far and a few tips:

Comparison to others. It’s oh so natural but a compete buzz kill so don’t do it. It’s good to know what your fellow bloggers are up to but there’s always going to be someone looking like they are doing something better than you are. More followers, better engagement, nicer wardrobe {clothes inside obvs, not the actual wardrobe}, more holidays but comparison is only going to make you feel shite and not get you anywhere. Stick to what you know, try and find you own style and run with it like a slightly blinkered horse.

Imposter syndrome. We get this a lot, always have done. From finding yourselves showing a collection on the catwalks at London Fashion Week to seeing your designs in magazines or your faces showcasing brands in campaigns, we both always feel like imposters. The feeling that little old us don’t really know what we are doing it and are just winging our way through life, but you know what we DO know what we are doing. Luckily for us we have each other for reassurance and with over 10 years experience of running our own businesses we do know a thing or 2. So if you too have those thoughts and feelings we would just say to try and believe in yourself and BE yourself. Don’t try to replicate what others are doing because you can’t sustain that and it will eventually show through. If you can find your own style {and by that we mean in how your blog looks, way of writing, theme on your instagram feed aswell as your actual clothing} then go with it and trust your own judgement.

Real vs Online life. Aha, this old chestnut! No we don’t hang out at all times wearing matching outfits doing something fun & glamorous like we do in our photos. We are business women juggling work, life and kids {yes we both have children, it is a conscious decision not to include them in our photos} and so the image we portray online is like a snapshot of us at our best. For us social media and this blog is a great way of expressing our love of fashion, ideas on styling looks to hopefully inspire you to be more adventurous but it is curated. Everything we show and photograph we do actually do, but it may not be in real time {does anyone still #latergram? ‘cos isn’t most of Instagram posted later now} We also made a very conscious decision, after following a few people online who would only moan about things to be upbeat and positive. We have down days but that doesn’t mean we can’t post a bright and cheery photo. As you might have seen we are not as active as lots of other influencers on Instagram Stories, that’s because generally we are really busy! Running 2 businesses plus having children means that sometimes {read:a lot of the time} we are running around like headless chickens, cramming as much as can be done into our days. Plus do you really want to see the nitty gritty of our lives?! Nope thought not. Our feed and blog is like a highlight of our world and that’s how its going to stay.

Business or Hobby? As relative new~ish bloggers, we still agree that it is an intriguing job to have and although we LOVE IT, it is infact just that: a job. Today this blog and our Instagram feed is now a business in itself and for us it’s been a slow and steady progression from regular Insta users to bloggers and working with brands to portray their product in our style. In the last year, where bloggers and influencers are now major players in the fashion industry, we are lucky enough to call this a business and yes we collaborate with brands and by collaborate we mean are paid to wear and style their pieces. To some this maybe selling out but for us as businesswomen it makes sense and believe we would be stupid not to. We only work with product that we truly believe we can style into looks we would wear and can put our B&B spin on. We work with a variety of different companies, from designer, high street to new brands and yes we get sent a fair amount of things for which we are extremely thankful but do only accept gifts from brands that we feel are right for our style and of interest to you. If you blog and are happy to do it as a part time hobby then that is great. For us we LOVE blogging but it really is very time consuming, each image has so much thought put into it let alone the time shopping, styling, editing, resizing, writing etc that for us it needs to be financially viable too. Not all our content is sponsored and we always say when it is. If you are looking to turn your blog into a business then we are here to say: you can! 

Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

It’s pretty crazy to think that when we started out working together people used faxes and there was no Instagram, times have changed and we have changed along with them. Who knows what will happen with new social media apps popping up along the way, but we are happy for now to straddle the worlds of fashion and bridal, combining the 2 makes for a pretty fun working life!

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on the ramblings above, we would love to hear from you whether you are a wannabe blogger or a blog reader! Would you like to see more posts like this one discussing our background and business? {we also wrote this post on How to Build a Brand}

Any questions you have about blogging, business or Instagram {or anything else!} then comment below!

Belle & Bunty London Bloggers Topshop how to be a blogger streetstyle

Alice wears playsuit by Topshop, shoes by Miss Guided {similar here}, bag by Chloé {similar here}, sunglasses by asos

Hannah wears dress by Topshop {similar here}, shoes by L.K.Bennett {similar here}, bag by Chloé {similar here} sunglasses by Topshop {similar here}



Photos by Victoria Metaxas


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