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3 Styling Tips to Finish Your Look

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Recently pondering, thinking about the bare bones of our style and daily getting ready rituals we realised that without even knowing it we’ve been following 3 big style rules for years. Everyday, while putting our outfits together we seem to have these subliminal standards that we adhere to no matter what the outfit to feel, and we hope, look put together. No matter what your outfit, tick off these 3 style finishing touches and you’ll look more Anna Wintour than Nicole Smith.

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4 Instagrammable London Coffeeshops

instagrammable coffee shops london MAMSONS black ice cream pink latte

2 things that we love: a good snack and a great interior. Sometimes hand in hand, sometimes separately but we think you’ll agree that nowadays it’s not just the food you feast on that is important. The eyes need feeding too. Not literally mind you, ‘cos that would be weird, but a ‘grammable interior really does matter.

On Instagram you lovely lot seem to like the pretty places we hunt out in our home town so we thought we would show you some of our new and trusty London favourites that always deliver on both fronts:food and views. There are some over exposed cafes that always get the mention but we prefer something a little less well known plus if you went to a cute coffee shop and didn’t Instagram it, did it even really happen?! 

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Margate Travel Diary ~ Floral Fancies & Gelato

Belle & Bunty London Margate TOWN nude pastels Summer Blog Shoot

We’d like to think we are pretty positive and optimistic so while the British weather isn’t looking so rosy, Summer is not over just yet. There’s still a few weeks of summertime and don’t they usually forecast an Indian Summer right about now? With that in mind we are sharing our last looks from our little trip to Margate. It seems every other blogger under the sun is sharing photos of Positano we are keeping things real and very, very British.

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Margate Travel Diaries ~ Colour Clashing in the Old Town

Belle & Bunty London Margate TOWN red and pink Summer Blog Shoot SS17 2017

This blog post should come with a disclaimer that may lead to fashion faux pas’s all over town. We are talking fashion no no’s that in our book are yes, yes’s. Confused?! Us too. We love styling outfits in clashing colours, there’s something so fun and happy about the combo, especially for Summer. It seemed apt for a jaunt around the seaside town of Margate sipping tea and browsing vintage shops. Always floats our boat.

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A Day Trip to Bicester Village

Belle & Bunty London for Bicester Village Summer Blog Shoot designer discount outlet england

Friends. Not the Joey “How you doin” type but the reliable ones you know you can count on. The ones that are always there and you know will drop everything if needs be. Those are the best aren’t they. Everyone needs that friend who is perfect to pick you up and an even more perfect shopping partner. A Belle to your Bunty ‘cos boy, we can shop. I’m sure you’ll understand when we say that we could give up shopping but you know, we are not quitters. With that in mind we scheduled in some girl time and a day trip to Bicester Village.

*sings* I’ll be there for you

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Margate Travel Diaries ~ Gingham on the Beach

Belle & Bunty London Margate BEACH Summer Blog Shoot style fashion uk bloggers

Beach, please. We all need a bit of vitamin Sea now and again and what better way of topping up than at the british seaside? Ok… so the weather might be a bit hit and miss but on a good day it’s pretty great. Theres no jet lag, hours {and hours} of travelling or luggage weight worries.

So follow our lead, grab some gingham and head to your nearest beach. Don’t forget to bring your best mate for some twinning action and the accessory that’s become a Summer must have: a super cute pool float. Bye bye Flamingo, hello pineapple!

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