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Stepping into Spring ~ Oasis Styled by Us

Belle & Bunny for Oasis fashion stores Spring ss18 edit London bloggers

Belle & Bunty here, at your service. Today we are bringing you a spot of sunshine on a rainy day. Infact not a spot but a giant, joyous explosion of colour. A riot of rainbow that will cheer you up and get you in the mood for Spring quicker than a bucket of Pimms and a Insta meme of Zac Efron on the beach.

In this post we are sharing a very exciting project we’ve been working on with the highstreet honey, Oasis featuring their Spring collection but before we get to the clothes we have to let you in on a little secret. Us and Oasis, we go way back. We have history……

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Under £20 Denim That You Can’t Say No To

belle and bunty for matalan denim spring ss18 London Piccadilly Circus fashion bloggers blog

Recently we’ve been reminiscing about hours lost watching Sex & The City and the influence a certain Miss Bradshaw had on so many women enabling a love of shopping and a greater love of designer fashion. For us it was like she was giving us a green card to go shop.  Yes, you need those Marc Jacobs apple green kitten heels with the big bow on the front {side note: wore them loads and still have them} One recent documentary on Manolo & a handful of S&TC episodes later and you’ll find us heading to Shoe Heaven faster than a rat up a drainpipe.

“I like my money right where I can see it ~ hanging in my closet” she said, but sometimes you have to be level headed and know where to invest your hard earned cash. Right Carrie? OK, well that’s where we may beg to differ.

For us a designer accessory splurge is 100% worth it for the daily use and we love the high/low dressing mix which is appropriate to so many girls RN = modern and achievable. High end accessories match perfectly with high street bargains so when Matalan asked us to check out their denim offer this season, all at under £20, we knew we’d find something for our Spring closets {yes we know it’s wardrobe but for the sake of this post we are Carrie-fying our copy}

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A Day in the Life of Us

Belle & Bunty and other stories pink suit picadilly circus london bloggers style blog 5

It seems like our recent blog posts have been focused on a favourite subject of ours ~ US! Only Joking {seriously we are not that egotistical} Really we love talking about the clothes but sometimes we are chatting between us and a blog post subject pops up that we think {and hope!} that you’ll be interested in reading about. So while we know for sure that you are going to appreciate these & Other Stories awesome outfits {when they emailed us about working together we were of course jumping for joy as they are such a cool, covetable brand that we love} but also on the day that we shot these looks it was pretty frantic and we managed to jam pack in loads so we were pretty chuffed with our efforts and thought we’d over share with you. As with most Instagram images and a lot of blog post pictures there is a lot more than meets the eye. So if you are interested in what may happen on any one given day, we’ve jotted down an hour by hour diary of a day in the life of us. Every day is pretty different but this gives you an idea of the running around that we are often doing.

Expect coffee #natch, embarrassment #inbucketloads and more planning than it may seem #brainoverload.

Here’s a day in the life of us…..

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You Do You On Your Wedding Day

belle & bunty dune London bridal wedding collection bride shoes fashion blog

It’s been around 8 years since we both got married and 7 years since we dipped our toes in the bridal world. Things have changed. When we entered the World of Weddings there was a very limited choice in the style of how a wedding should look and things were set in their ways. A certain dress you should wear {strapless without question}, a certain {horrendous} bow you should tie on the back of your chairs, even a certain {v v dated} hair chignon that was just the norm. There were traditions that really had to be adhered to for fear of upsetting your Great Great Aunt Edna twice removed that you never see.

Fast forward a few years and now luckily for those of us that like wearing something a little different and god forbid even flattering, wedding style has evolved. If ever there was a time to ‘Do You’ it’s now. Independent designers like us showcasing their ideas of how they envisage great style on your big day and high street brands like Dune London who have just launched their shoe & accessory Wedding Collection showing you that there are lots of different options out there on your big day to make it truly yours. Now is the time, on your big day: You Do You.

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Jazzed up Jeans

Belle & Bunty for Wallis Denim ss18 pink house notting hill London

There’s nothing like the New Year to mix things up a little and get adventurous with your wardrobe. While budgets this month maybe a little tight post Christmas, there are a few key pieces we believe it’s worth buying at the beginning of the year if you are looking for some new items to add into your wardrobe. Much more on what they all may be another time but let’s talk about a fave subject of ours in particular: The Jean.

It’s a classic piece that we know all of you own wear and love to death. The jean has got to be every girls no.1 wardrobe staple. For us that is 100% true. We live in jeans and thanks to Wallis we got to road test a couple of fun pairs, classic shapes with on trend twists.

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How We Stay Motivated & Active

Belle & Bunny Zakti activewear London bloggers fashion style

This time last year we posted a New Year, New You blog post wearing Zakti Activewear along with our resolutions for the year. This year as our first post of 2018 we have decided not to make resolutions but focus on living a happy, healthy life while trying to find the best balance we can.

Finding enough {or even some} ‘you’ time when you are busy business running mums is pretty tough but both of us strive each week to take a few hours out to do what keeps us slightly sane in our hectic lives and that’s to exercise. We have 3 rules we to try live by to get motivated and find that ‘you’ time so if you want some encouragement to get your sweat on, read on.

No training, no gainin’!

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