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How We Stay Motivated & Active

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This time last year we posted a New Year, New You blog post wearing Zakti Activewear along with our resolutions for the year. This year as our first post of 2018 we have decided not to make resolutions but focus on living a happy, healthy life while trying to find the best balance we can.

Finding enough {or even some} ‘you’ time when you are busy business running mums is pretty tough but both of us strive each week to take a few hours out to do what keeps us slightly sane in our hectic lives and that’s to exercise. We have 3 rules we to try live by to get motivated and find that ‘you’ time so if you want some encouragement to get your sweat on, read on.

No training, no gainin’!

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New Year, New You

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! As one passes & another approaches it’s that time of the year that we like to take a moment to do a little life assessing. Just a little as you know, there’s sale shopping to be done {insert sticking out tongue emoji}

We challenged each other to pick 3 things that we could class as our New Years Resolutions and see if we can stick to them. However big or small we like the challenge of at least contemplating making some life changes because we like testing ourselves and there’s always room for personal growth.

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Looking Back at 2016

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While we are pondering what day of the week it is in Crimbo Limbo {seriously, what day is it though?!!} we’ve also been reminiscing about what a great year we’ve had. Having worked together on our own label for years, our blog is somewhat of our new baby. Rebranded at the end of last year we never could have dreamt that within a year we’d be collaborating with some of the big players on the High Street. It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve loved working with brands to create some exclusive content and also relish our audience of followers who tune into our antics, outfits of the day and don’t mind a smutty silly caption or 3 on Instagram too.

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