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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to shop! If you need any help then just hola, ‘cos boy do we know how. Seriously, if you are reading this post then we are presuming that you like to shop too so Welcome! We’ve recently been shopping til we’ve been dropping for a holiday plus a UK city break and with little {read: no} time to get into the actual shops, online has been a wardrobe saver.
The other day we had a conversation discussing our roles as bloggers being similar to that of a virtual personal shopper, carefully picking from everything ‘out there’ in cyber space and recommending items that we love and therefore {if you are following us and our style} will hopefully like too.
When everyone is time poor, we are here to make life a little easier and we’ve recently discovered Klarna who might just be your new online shopping best friend.

If you don’t know about Klarna, it is an option you can select on websites as a form of payment method. Look out for the little pink box and much like PayPal once you click on Klarna you’ll be able to process your order using their site. The beauty of it is that you don’t pay until you have received your goods and worked out what you want to keep! We like to think of it like your own at home fitting room to try before you buy without the pressure of committing to immediate payment.

While we 100% don’t advocate shopping above your means, we’ve found that Klarna is amazingly useful when shopping for an occasion. Order not 1 swimsuit {that you don’t know will suit} but 4 to try at home and know that you’ve been able to pick the most flattering. Not sure on colourways? With Klarna you can order all 3 and work out IRL which suits you the most. Probably our favourite hack to use it for is when you are unsure about sizing. Whether it’s a brand you’ve bought from for years but still their fits vary even within 1 size {ever tried jeans on which are all the same size on the label but vary slightly when you get them on your booty?!} or a new label where you are not sure of your size, you can use Klarna to order multiple sizes without having to fork out all the cash up front and then wait for it to be refunded into your account. We find this particularly useful when purchasing items of a higher price point where ordering multiples adds up.

You may have seen on our Instagram Stories last week were we bought 2 outfits each using Klarna and asked you guys to vote for which we should keep.

Ta-Da! Here are the winning outfits.

We used used Klarna to order the outfits and then sent back the pieces that didn’t cut the mustard in our poll, only then paying for these floral dresses when we knew {with a bit of your help} that these were the ones we were going to keep! If you having some online shopping coming up and want to experiment with trying on items in the comfort of your own home then we’d highly recommend shopping with the little pink Klarna box to try b4 you buy!

Alice wears dress by Miss Selfridge, bag by Chloé {similar here}, shoes by Shoeaholics, necklace by Muru,

Hannah wears dress by Topshopbag and shoes {similar here} by Chloé, sunglasses by Ray Ban, watch by Olivia Burton, necklace by Muru

Photos by Rosie Butcher

This post is in collaboration with Klarna. All thoughts are our own.









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