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belle and bunty instagram new algorithm hides likes london influencers bloggers 4
It’s the elephant in the room. A tiny, hand held size elephant but one that’s packing an almighty punch throughout our industry and beyond right now.

Instagram and the current algorithm.


Those algorithm changes can be a b!tch but this recent one is a kicker to say the least. Not a day has gone by in recent weeks when we haven’t seen or heard people frantically talking about it. We’ve seen it discussed many times on Instagram, Josie wrote an interesting post here and at recent events it seems to be the focal point of everyones conversations. The dramatic drop in engagement and what to do about it??

For us it feels like change is coming and has felt that way for a loooooong time, with their constant updates to keep you on your toes it really does feel like Instagram has something they are working on that we don’t know about yet. The constant changes in algorithm along with more and more people seeming to be consciously limiting their time on the app is going to have some impact on how our accounts are performing. At one point we were all addicted but recently it seems that a lot of people have fallen slightly out of love with the app or are bored by the same content over and over. There also seems to be a ‘stealth’ scrolling culture, watching but not interacting with accounts: is actually pressing that heart button or double tapping a thing of the past?!!?!

belle and bunty instagram new algorithm hides likes london influencers bloggers

It’s frustrating when you work hard to create lovely content to then post it and it doesn’t get shown to all of your audience BUT we’ve been trying to look for the positives {or at lest not dwell on the negatives!!} so here are our thoughts:

1- At least everyone is in the same boat. On a whole we are all feeling it, engagement maybe lower but it’s like that for everyone and there’s nothing you can do. Ok so there are a few accounts that seem unaffected but the majority are the same. All may not be as it seems for those accounts that seem to be thriving right now!!

2- Followers who are truly interested will check in on your content no matter what. So if Instagram isn’t showing them every post immediately we have found {and are really grateful!!} that a lot of our followers will come to our account and like/comment on a series of images that they may not have seen previously therefore likes can gradually tick up over the course of days and weeks as opposed to immediately. This isn’t a bad thing. If you have followers that are invested in you and what you are posting they should check in with you at various points just like we have noticed so it’s just more of a slow burning thing than instant. {Shall we try a rebrand Instagram? Slowburnstagram doesn’t have the same ring to it does it!}

3- Talking of likes, it seems that the removal of likes is going to be the next big thing with it being trialled in Canada and then rolling out in lots of countries soon {not the UK just yet}. We personally don’t mind the idea of ‘like’ removal as it should take the focus back onto the imagery and rather than posting just for the likes, people should get back to posting photos that they want to!

4- It is weirdly freeing! When you are posting pictures with zero expectation of how they will perform it’s almost like posting “back in the day” when you really did just post a picture because you liked it or had something interesting to say… there were no expectations of reaching a certain amount of likes. Although after years of hard work and building up an engaged audience a disappointing performing post can be quite galling we’ve been embracing the lack of expectation! We are trying to have fun with it again and we think this rubs off onto your audience and they can tell!

5- Try something new! With the pressure off now’s the time to try something new! Film that video you’ve been wanting to, create some gifs, shoot something from a new angle or introduce something different. If you were afraid to mix it up before for fear of messing up your feed or killing the algorithm nows the time to go for it as posting content seems to be so hit and miss anyway! We personally love seeing something a bit different that stops you in your scrolling tracks and does make you engage!


At the end of the day it’s not just us “influencers’ that this is affecting, its ALL the small business that rely on Instagram for business as we know that social media now is such a huge part of any companies marketing strategy. Lets face it, it probably comes down to money and Insta wants in on the action so will we all get charged for our accounts? Do they want companies to pay them instead of influencers? Will there be a new app that comes along soon and we’ll all jump the big ship Instagram {remember MySpace!!?}

Who knows but for now we are enjoying the new found freedom of posting content we are enjoying creating and a proud to be posting without expectation and are thankful for the engaged audience who are truly interested in what we have to say. Those are the followers you want to focus on, not the like count.

What do you think Instagram has instore???

belle and bunty instagram new algorithm hides likes london influencers bloggers 4

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